Brandon M. Trate, PG

Vice President, Field Division

Brandon Trate, PG, holds responsibility for the growth and performance of the Field Division of Barry Isett & Associates, which encompasses Survey, Forensic Building Investigation, Environmental Consulting, Geotechnical Engineering, and Construction & Materials Testing departments across eight offices throughout Pennsylvania. He was named division vice president in 2021 and is also a company shareholder.

Mr. Trate has an exceptional knowledge of these services. His career at Isett began in 2005 as a member of the Environmental Services Department—where he performed Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, carbonate geology studies, sinkhole assessments/remediations, hydrogeologic studies, well installations, and GIS mapping.  He also prepared permit applications for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and oversaw the removal of underground storage tanks, as well as repairs to damaged structures working with Isett’s forensic engineers.  This environmental background informed his ability to serve as special inspector—having worked extensively with subsurface conditions and various earthwork projects.

In 2014, Isett’s Executive Committee challenged Mr. Trate to develop a new Geotechnical, Construction Inspections & Materials Testing Department.  Construction inspections, formerly overseen by our Structural Engineering Department, are mandated by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code—concerning elements that are critical to the safety of structures, such as the foundation, steel framing details and concrete placement.  As materials testing is an integral part to this service, Mr. Trate took on the responsibility of setting up Isett’s own in-house materials testing facility.

To complete the umbrella of services required by clients, in 2017 Mr. Trate added geotechnical engineering to his department. Most construction projects require a geotechnical engineer to investigate subsurface conditions to determine the site’s suitability for the intended structure. Isett subcontracted that service for the first 39 years of our history, but in later years our project managers became increasingly dissatisfied with our consultants’ turn-around and quality of service.

With geotechnical engineering now in-house, Isett provides vital information to clients regarding site stabilization and foundation options on an expedited schedule.


B.S., Marine Geology/Geography Minor, Kutztown University


(484) 866-4876