Chris T. Kotch, PG

Vice President, Southeast PA

Chris Kotch, PG, joined the Environmental Services Department of Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. in 1996.  Mr. Kotch is a company shareholder; served on the Board of Directors for 3 years; and was named Vice President of the Southeast Region in 2016. As Vice President, he often serves as a Key Client Manager, providing an executive level of communication with clients to confirm that our company performs to the level of the client’s expectations. 

For many years, he served as the Head of Environmental Services. The department’s services include Phase I and Phase II investigations; underground storage tank investigations; sinkhole assessments and remedial designs; surface and ground water investigations; soil remediation designs; and on-lot sewage investigations and design. Mr. Kotch’s responsibilities include preparing the scope of work for investigations; executing field work; reviewing and analyzing data; providing opinions of cause and preparing reports; and providing peer review of expert reports and project management. Mr. Kotch has also provided litigation investigation and support, as well as represented clients at municipal zoning meetings. The Environmental Services Department supports a wide variety of clients, including commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, legal, insurance, and residential

In Mr. Kotch’s role as Vice President, Southeast PA, he is also responsible for project development across all departments. Mr. Kotch is a company shareholder.


B.S., Earth Science (Geology), The Pennsylvania State University


(484) 866-4849