Tess Strayer

Tess Strayer – Working at Isett

Tess Strayer

Be Involved

Tess’s Experience Working at Isett

Taylor “Tess” Strayer relishes being active, whether at college, in her community or at work.

To that end, in searching for a place to build her professional career, she may have found the perfect match in Barry Isett & Associates.

“I find the best way to get to know a company, get to know a school, get to know your communities, is to get involved,” said Tess, who is an Operations Manager in Isett’s Environmental Consulting Department.

In her four years at Isett, she has jumped at opportunities to live the Isett culture, which focuses on the values of Balance, Ownership, Service and Team.

Design and build an animal out of canned goods that will be donated to local food banks? Participate in a community contest with female colleagues that tests their speed with a hammer and nail? Coordinate a dunk tank at the company picnic where associates get to soak their “bosses”?

Tess says “yes.”

“I think that I was attracted to Isett because of the family-like feel of it all,” she said. “We’re a smaller company but we have a huge reach. We are a company of (230 associates), but Environmental services is still pretty small – only about 10 people – so I found that very attractive because I could get involved not only with the company but in a lot of these projects.”

Aside from participating in those events like CANstruction, She Nailed It, and company picnic planning, Tess has served on Isett’s burgeoning Safety Committee. She has also joined other Isett associates in tackling the Volunteer Challenge, through which they help grow Matthew’s Garden every spring at The Salvation Army in Allentown.

Tess appreciates the support and encouragement from Isett’s leadership toward these activities, as well as involvement in young professionals groups, professional societies and other civic organizations.

“It is really cool getting to know (and) hang out with your colleagues and co-workers and also help your community,” Tess said.