Values in Action – Bill Pagel

With demonstration of our Service, Team, and Ownership values—October’s Values in Action winner is Bill Pagel! Bill is a Code Specialist in Isett’s Code Inspection & Plan Review department, providing plan reviews and inspections for Lower Makefield Township and Yardley Borough, as well as plan reviews, inspections, and permit processing for Morrisville Borough. In addition to meeting contractors onsite for inspections, he also meets with township officials to discuss ongoing major projects that are underway.

Some current projects he’s working on include the Pricket Preserve Site, which involves a Wegmans, Chase Bank, CVS, two restaurants, several store fronts, and nine 24-unit apartment buildings. He is also working with Lower Makefield Township on renovations to Charles Boehm Middle School. Based on client and team feedback, it’s evident that Bill excels in all phases of the services we provide. He handles complex situations with professionalism and clarity and has the knowledge and communication skills to effectively resolve any issues at hand.

Bill enjoys the interaction between inspectors. Because no one knows every aspect of the code and everyone has differing interpretations of it, it’s helpful to have knowledgeable colleagues to discuss any issues and come to a common agreement to move forward. Bill loves the fast-paced environment and appreciates having time for life outside of work. He finds Isett to be a great place for work-life balance.