Values in Action – Geotechnical Team

Our Values in Action winner for November isn’t just one person, it’s a whole department! Our Geotechnical team—which includes Alex Scott (top left), Dylan Rolando (top right), James Kugel (center), Sean Burns (bottom left), and Mark Wildmann (bottom right)—has demonstrated our Service, Team, and Ownership values in their commitment and service to our clients. The team specializes in performing investigations and testing to address subsurface challenges during project design and construction. They have been involved with the 1528 West Apartment project since the design phase. Isett previously established the foundation design parameters and developed a ground improvement program. Last month, the Geotechnical team provided field support during the implementation of the ground improvement, which consisted of a combination of compact grouting and a soils exchange. This project required a very demanding schedule, and the department was able to service the client’s needs by working as a team to redistribute workload and cover overtime hours as needed. The Geotechnical team would like to extend a thank you to Kevin Markell and Ben Fox for their involvement in the 1528 project as well. The group is looking forward to working on new multi-discipline projects in the coming year.

The sense of community at Isett inspires a feeling of pride in the work we do in the Geotech Department. We understand that any chance we have as a department to provide a client with an outstanding service is a chance for Isett to shine as an organization. While we all have a passion for the work we’re doing, it’s the sense of community at Isett that motivates us to go above and beyond.
Sean Burns, Professional Geologist