Values in Action – Joe Hoffman

Congratulations to Joe Hoffman—our Values in Action winner for June! As Isett’s Greater Berks Code’s Operations Manager, Joe not only displays dedication to his professional position, but also to our company’s core values.

Joe’s passion for his profession shines through in every aspect of his work. As the Operations Manager, he not only manages the day-to-day responsibilities but also goes the extra mile to ensure our team’s success.

One of Joe’s key responsibilities is coordinating and assisting in inspections for multiple municipalities, extending his reach to various areas throughout the Lehigh Valley. He plays a vital role in the process, ensuring that all inspections meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

In addition to his inspection duties, Joe also provides essential plan reviews for residential projects and lends his expertise to zoning and property maintenance matters in Berks County. His extensive knowledge and experience are invaluable assets to our team and our clients.

One of the aspects Joe truly values about his role is the flexibility it offers. He enjoys having the freedom to arrange his own schedule and the opportunity to work from home when possible. Joe has a passion for meeting new people and reconnecting with familiar faces from his extensive career in construction. With a lifelong background in construction, Joe’s work at Isett allows him to remain immersed in an industry he knows and loves. He continues to pursue his passion for construction outside of his role, keeping him in touch with the latest industry trends and practices.