Values in Action – Mike Nieves

Congratulations to Mike Nieves—Isett’s Values in Action winner for the month of September. As Assistant Project Manager in the Project Management & Construction Services department, Mike prepares AIA contracts, change orders, front-end specifications, and typical documents required throughout a project—from the proposal stage to closeout. He reviews payment applications; performs payment verification visits for bank clients; performs site visits and prepares the subsequent reports; and provides support to other project managers on the team.

Since joining Isett in March of 2022, Mike has enjoyed the opportunities for growth and individual and company business development, as well as the encouragement to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Isett encourages him to attend and participate in classes, events, and organizations that will develop his skills and abilities and grow his business network. He’s felt supported and reassured to—comfortably and responsibly—live a balanced life while being part of the Isett team. He’s learned and seen how great the potential is for him and his colleagues to grow and excel at what they do. And having a great team to work with is just the cherry on the top. His favorite part of the job itself is writing. His previous experience didn’t include a lot of technical or business writing so his work with Isett has given him the opportunity to become more adept in both areas. This gives him personal fulfillment and growth, while contributing to the company’s success. His development fosters not only his personal success but that of the Isett family and the communities we work in—and that is the greatest gain to him.