Code Inspection & Plan Review

Isett offers a cost-effective service that can save your project team the headaches and frustration of delay caused by unidentified code issues. To view a full listing of our serviced municipalities, click here.

Municipal Code Enforcement Support
Isett has fully certified International Code Council staff members who provide commercial, institutional and residential inspection and general and structural plan review and can administer and enforce the PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  We will tailor our services to your specific needs, offering you the best solution for your situation.

  • Conduct inspections

  • Augment your staff

  • Mentor staff

  • Standardize and streamline the inspection process

  • Entire inspection/permit process

  • Third-party inspection services

Other Special Inspections that we can provide include:

  • Property Maintenance

  • Health Enforcement

  • Rental Properties

  • Historic District

Zoning Administration
Our experienced staff members can provide:

  • Zoning Code Enforcement

  • Assistance with Zoning Ordinances

  • Comprehensive Plans

  • Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances

UCC Code Compliance Review & Inspections
The UCC requires all drawings of commercial buildings to be reviewed and stamped by a certified plans examiner.  Typically, those reviews take place at the end of the design process and just before the project goes out to bid.  Code issues that crop up in the review process at that late stage cost time and money as plans are re-drawn and bid packages are pulled apart and reassembled.

Isett’s UCC certified plans examiners provide code consultation, offering a complete mid-term review of your plans.  We recommend the review take place at the 60% completion level when design direction has been determined but drawings can be still easily corrected.  Our examiners will return your plans within three to seven days with written comments on our findings.  Additionally, our examiners will note the special inspections that will be required during construction.  UCC inspections and special inspections are another service offered by Isett.  Provided by Isett’s construction services department, code consultation streamlines the final UCC review and can help keep your project on track.

Isett is the designated UCC code compliance reviewer and inspector for a number of municipalities, as well as a state-licensed third party provider.  We provide code consultation at a 40% discount of the rate charged by the International Code Council.  Isett professionals are experienced in providing reviews for high rise office buildings, educational facilities, warehouses, residential buildings and commercial structures.