Landscape Architecture

Isett staff members are experienced in the art of analyzing, planning, and designing outdoor spaces that use plantings, water, paving, and structures. We also understand the use of the land itself in the design of communities, campuses, parks, gardens, and heritage conservation.

Park/Recreation Facilities

Open spaces, trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and courtyards enhance the quality of life. Isett has worked with municipalities, school districts, private property owners, and state agencies in the design and development of park and recreational facilities. Documents required to carry the designs of park and recreation facilities can potentially require many of the Isett services outlined in this Civil Engineering category.

Streetscape Design

Streetscape designs provide a sense of place and identity while also promoting ease of movement and safety, using a variety of strategies. Strategies may include ornamental street lighting, stamped or lighted crosswalks, unit pavers, street trees, new handicap ramps and sidewalk bump-outs. Public input is gathered as plans are developed while working in close association with our municipal client and permitting agencies.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful computer-based tools that efficiently capture, store, update, analyze, and display data, making it most meaningful when presented in a map format. Business applications include the management of demographic and market data; regulatory compliance; inventory management; and facilities management. Public sector applications include planning and managing water resources and environmental and land-use resources - as well as zoning; traffic planning and management; public works functions; and facilitating emergency services.