Structural Engineering

Isett's structural engineers design the framework for a building's form and functions, utilizing BIM Technology exclusively since 2011.  Our design team employs Autodesk Building Design Suite, specifically Revit modeling software.

We bring a client's vision to functional reality, using materials that include structural steel, cast -in-place concrete including tilt-up wall panels, masonry, wood and heavy timber as well as gauge metal framing.

Services include:

  • Structural design of new, independent structures as well as additions to existing facilities

  • The rehabilitation and re-use of existing buildings

  • Analysis of existing structures to determine their adequacy to support new loads being applied to them, as well as the design of structural reinforcing if necessary. Some common examples are:

    • Snow drift loads on roofs where the adjacent building height exceeds the existing building height

    • Changes in occupancy on floors where the proposed use requires an increase in floor capacity

    • The addition of new mechanical equipment on existing roofs and floors

Our team has a great deal of experience in designing a wide variety of building types including:

  • K through 12 schools

  • Higher education facilities

  • Industrial facilities including specialty structures such as foundations for tanks and silos

  • Office buildings

  • Entertainment venues including restaurants, casinos, ski lodges, amphitheaters as well as foundations for rides at amusement parks and animal enclosures at zoos

  • Hotels, conference centers, large storage warehouses, and distribution centers

  • Health care facilities including medical office buildings, physical therapy and outpatient services facilities

  • Senior and assisted living facilities

We are capable of working in a variety of project delivery methods including being the prime professional, when the services being offered are purely engineering, in a Design-Bid-Build arrangement as a subcontractor to an architect as well as Design-Build and Fast Track projects contracted directly with the construction manager.

In addition to performing work locally in eastern Pennsylvania, we have multiple project examples in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  Our team has done work in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and overseas in Libya.

The structural department enjoys a high level of repeat and referral business, which is the result of the staff’s attention to detail, technical expertise, a diversified range of experience, and constant communication with the client.  The department is staffed with creative people who have won both academic honors and professional awards.  Let us put our experience to work for you.